New postoctoral researcher position!

We are seeking motivated and talented researchers to fill a long-term postdoctoral position (with funding up to 4 years). For fresh PhD graduates the position will start from A6 level.  More senior applicants may qualify for B-level.

The candidates should be interested in studying quantum phenomena with superconducting circuits in connection with quantum control and measurement, quantum information processing, quantum optics on a chip and hybrid quantum systems. The particular project topic may depend on specific interests of an applicant and his/her qualifications and will be formulated through discussions with the group leader. Please, contact Dr. A. Fedorov for more details on possible projects.

Our laboratory is a part of The Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Engineered Quantum Systems (EQuS), which combines the efforts of the leading experimental and theoretical Australian groups to engineer quantum technologies. Our research work is conducted in an enthusiastic creative atmosphere and in tight collaboration with other members of EQuS.


The postdoctoral reseacher will be responsible for carrying out experimental research in close collaboration with other members of the group.

Skills / Qualifications: 

The prospective candidates are expected to have a strong interest in (and expert knowledge in some of) these fields:

  • quantum physics,
  • microwave engineering and low-noise measurements,
  • instrument control programming,
  • cryogenics,
  • fabrication.
How to apply: 

Please, contact Dr. A. Fedorov for more details.