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Everbeing probe station installation

Measuring DC resistance is the easiest way to characterise the critical currents of our Josephson junctions. As we expect this procedure to be routine we purchased a probe station from Everbeing. A good microscope and precise manipulators for needle probes are essential for probing small test structures and can be even used to probe some of our working qubits.

Everbeing dominates the market of the probe stations in Taiwan and is eager to come to the Australian market. We are their first Australian customer and received a particulary attractive conditions in return to let future Australian customers to check out the machine. The probe station including vibration-free table and the box arrived a month ago. Now Mr. Tang (who turned out to be the head of Everbeing!) came to assemble the machine for us. After talking he actually cannot wait to test some of our chips for future measurements :)

Source: Installation of the Everbeing probestation