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Beatiful photos from Dorit Jerger.

Dorit Jerger was generous enough to share her photos of Australia with us. She has  a great collection of photos starting from views of Brisbane and finishing with picturesque sand beaches.  Thanks to Dorit our photo galleries tripled in size and you have a nice opportunity to see many of these beatiful views.

Everbeing probe station installation

The head of Everbeing came to UQ from Taiwan to install our new EB-4 probe station.

Markus Jerger won the first Pan Pacific Cup in underwater rugby

Believe it or not but our group member Markus Jerger defeated both the Australian and Singapore national teams in underwater rugby

plassys evaporator

Plassys installation

After months of filling forms and finalizing orders our Plassys MEB 550S evaporator has finally arrived and been installed.