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The ARC Centre of Excellence for Engineered Quantum Systems

EQuS is an Australian Research Centre of Excellence grouping some of the best known Australian physicists to unravel the mysteries of the quantum world. EQuS has five nodes all around Australia so you can chose to live in sunny Brisbane, bustling Sydney, or beautiful Perth. Through focussed and visionary research EQuS will deliver new scientific insights and fundamentally new technical capabilities across a range of disciplines. Impacts of this work will improve the lives of Australians and people all over the world by producing breakthroughs in physics, engineering, chemistry, biology and medicine.

The primary goals of EQuS are to

  • Establish a world-leading research community driving the development of quantum technologies, with Australia as the focus of international efforts.
  • Stimulate the Australian scientific and engineering communities to exploit quantum devices and quantum coherence in next-generation technologies.
  • Train a generation of young scientists with the skills needed to lead the future of technology development.
  • Demonstrate the potential and capabilities of engineered quantum technologies by realizing technological breakthroughs in novel and useful engineered quantum coherent systems.
  • Create a design methodology supporting the development of all new technologies for the Quantum Era.

For more details see

Jerger M. et al, 2016
Nature Communications, 7, pp. 12930

Contextuality is one of the most fundamental properties of quantum mechanics, distinguishing it from classical physics without a need for nonlocality or entanglement. It is also a critical resource for exponential speedup in universal surface-code quantum computing. Our result is the first experiment violating a noncontextuality inequality with an indivisible system where entanglement cannot be defined which also addresses all known major loopholes, such as the detection, compatibility and individual-existence loopholes. Violating noncontextuality with superconducting circuits, a leading candidate for implementing surface-code quantum computing, comprises an important conceptual milestone in demonstrating their suitability for quantum technological applications.

We discuss a similarity between resonant oscillations in two nonlinear systems; namely, a chain 
of coupled Duffing oscillators and a bilayer fish-scale metamaterial. In such systems two

Macha Pascal et al, 2014
Nature Communications, 5, pp. 5146

Implementation of a quantum metamaterial using superconducting qubits