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Nonreciprocity Realized with Quantum Nonlinearity

A.R. Hamann, C. Müller, M. Jerger, M. Zanner, J. Combes, M. Pletyukhov, M. Weides, T. M. Stace and A. Fedorov

Nonreciprocal devices are a key element for signal routing and noise isolation. Rapid development of quantum technologies has boosted the demand for a new generation of miniaturized and low-loss nonreciprocal components. Here, we use a pair of tunable superconducting artificial atoms in a 1D waveguide to experimentally realize a minimal passive nonreciprocal device. Taking advantage of the quantum nonlinear behavior of artificial atoms, we achieve nonreciprocal transmission through the waveguide in a wide range of powers. Our results are consistent with theoretical modeling showing that nonreciprocity is associated with the population of the two-qubit nonlocal entangled quasidark state, which responds asymmetrically to incident fields from opposing directions. Our experiment highlights the role of quantum correlations in enabling nonreciprocal behavior and opens a path to building passive quantum nonreciprocal devices without magnetic fields.

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