Anatoly Kulikov

Anatoly have graduated from Saint-Petersburg State University, Russia, in 2015. His research work was concerned with theoretical physics, with both bachelor's diploma and master's thesis being dedicated to applications of quantum field theory to statistical physics. Particularly, he worked with models of developed turbulence with spontaneously violated parity. Having some additional programming experience and being interested in less abstract fields of physics, Anatoly joined SQD lab for three months (November 2015 - February 2016) as a visiting academic to undertake research training in superconducting quantum circuits.
He came back to SQD Lab as a PhD student in July 2016 to continue his research work on superconducting quantum circuits.


We experimentally realize a quantum random number generator (QRNG) with randomness of each generated number certified by the Kochen-Specker theorem. Employing this novel certification scheme eliminates the necessity for input seed random numbers and lifts the non-locality requirement for the certified QRNG. Implementation on the base of superconducting qubits allows achieving a bit rate of 25 kBit/s, two orders of magnitude higher than previously reported certified QRNGs. These improvements make our result a major step towards realization a practical certified quantum QRNG with implications for digital security and modelling algorithms.