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Dr. Eric He

Eric completed his PhD at The University of Queensland. In his PhD, he was working on superfluid Optomechanics, where the high precision sensing technique of cavity optomechanics is leveraged to probe the acoustic excitations in a thin superfluid He4 film. After PhD, he transitioned from the coupling between an optical cavity and a linear oscillator to the coupling between a microwave cavity and a highly nonlinear oscillator. Here at SQD lab, he is mainly focused on quantum clocks implemented with superconducting quantum circuits to study how quantum noise limits time keeping, and how quantum measurement can drive a clock, etc. After work, Eric likes hiking in forests, running, swimming, star-gazing and learning guitar.

Information as fuel for a quantum clock

Information as Fuel for a Quantum Clock is funded by Foundational Questions Institute. This is a collaboration between SQDLab, a theory group of Prof. G. Milburn and a Dr. S. Shrapnel providing a philosophical support of the project. The project is dedicated to study of fundamental quantum limits of time keeping and equivalence of information and fuel for a quantum clock.