Mr. Zenon Vasselin

Zenon is undergraduate at the Ecole Centrale Paris, France, which is a general engineering school. He has passed a wide range of classes including courses in neutron transport, general and special relativity, superconductors and of course quantum mechanics. I have also taken part in a 3D reconstruction project for the CEA List, and in the design of a synchrotron beamline within a special course. He joins SQD lab for five months (Octobe 2015 - February 2016) for his Master project dedicated to optimal flux control of the superconducting qubits. After his internship in Australia he will complete his Master degree in the following year.


We present a technique to measure the transfer function of a control line using a qubit as a vector network analyzer. Our method requires coupling the line under test to the the longitudinal component of the Hamiltonian of the qubit and the ability to induce Rabi oscillations through simultaneous driving of the transversal component. We used this technique to characterize the 'flux' control of a superconducting Transmon qubit in the range of 8 to 400\,MHz. Our method can be used for the qubit 'flux' line calibration to increase the fidelity of entangling gates for the quantum processor. The qubit can be also used as a microscopic probe of the electro-magnetic fields on a chip.