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On campus: Our main lab is located at St Lucia campus of the University of Queensland, at the lowest floor in Parnell Building 7, room #112. The offices of the group members are mainly located on the third floor of the Physics Annexe Building 6 which is the next building. 

By taxi:  If you go by taxi from airport tell the driver that you go to St Lucia campus of UQ, Building  number 7. In addition you can say that the building is located at the end of Cooper Rd.

By public tranport: There are number of buses coming to St Lucis UQ campus. Consult for the timetables. Enter the end location as "St Lucia, Univeristy of Queensland". Note that there two bus stations on campus.

Post address:

  • Room 202, Physics Annexe
  • Building 6, School of Maths & Physics
  • The University of Queensland
  • Brisbane QLD 4072, Australia 

If you send a parcel or package add the phrase "Attention to: Arkady Fedorov (or name of the corresponding group member)"

Questions:  If you have any querries you may use our contact form below or contact Dr. A. Fedorov directly at