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Probabilistic motional averaging

D Karpov, V Monarkha, D Szombati, A Frieiro, A Omelyanchouk, E Il’ichev, A Fedorov and S Shevchenko

In a continuous measurement scheme a spin-1/2 particle can be measured and simultaneously driven by an external resonant signal. When the driving is weak, it does not prevent the particle wavefunction from collapsing and a detector randomly outputs two responses corresponding to the states of the particle. In contrast, when driving is strong, the detector returns a single response corresponding to the mean of the two single-state responses. This situation is similar to a motional averaging, observed in nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy. We study such quantum system, being periodically driven and probed, which consists of a qubit coupled to a quantum resonator. It is demonstrated that the transmission through the resonator is defined by the interplay between driving strength, qubit dissipation, and resonator linewidth. We demonstrate that our experimental results are in good agreement with numerical and analytical calculations.