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Quartz-superconductor quantum electromechanical system

M. J. Woolley, M. F. Emzir, G. J. Milburn, M. Jerger, M. Goryachev, M. E. Tobar and A. Fedorov

We propose and analyse a quantum electromechanical system composed of a monolithic quartz bulk acoustic wave (BAW) oscillator coupled to a superconducting transmon qubit via an intermediate LC electrical circuit. Monolithic quartz oscillators offer unprecedentedly high effective masses and quality factors for the investigation of mechanical oscillators in the quantum regime. Ground-state cooling of such mechanical modes via resonant piezoelectric coupling to an LC circuit, which is itself sideband cooled via coupling to a transmon qubit, is shown to be feasible. The fluorescence spectrum of the qubit, containing motional sideband contributions due to the couplings to the oscillator modes, is obtained and the imprint of the electromechanical steady-state on the spectrum is determined. This allows the qubit to function both as a cooling resource for, and transducer of, the mechanical oscillator. The results described are relevant to any hybrid quantum system composed of a qubit coupled to two (coupled or uncoupled) thermal oscillator modes.