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Mr. Bogdan Kochetov

Dr. Bogdan Kochetov graduated with PhD in Physics and Mathematics from Kharkov National University, Ukraine. He specialized at mathematical modeling of various types of physical processes and phenomena in electromagnetics and optics. That included electromagnetic waves excitation, propagation and scattering. That includes modelling of transient electromagnetic fields in inhomogeneous, dispersive and nonlinear structures,  nonlinear oscillations and waves and interaction of electromagnetic fields with charged particles. Bogdan visited our group from July 2014 until December 2015.


Kochetov Bogdan and Fedorov Arkady, 2015
Phys. Rev. B, 92, pp. 224304

The paper theoretically studies effects of the higher non linearities originated from a Josephson junction on the Josephson parametric amplifier (JPA). The results help to understand the gain saturation and reveal some of the effects which were not identified in the previous theoretical studies. Some interesting stipulations on the possible new regimes of the JPA are also deiscussed.

We discuss a similarity between resonant oscillations in two nonlinear systems; namely, a chain 
of coupled Duffing oscillators and a bilayer fish-scale metamaterial. In such systems two

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